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Our volunteers

Cute Puppy


Major in Neuroscience

Volunteer 1

I am a Persian male fourth year student, born and raised in TN.


I am a pre-med studying neuroscience, and I work in a neuroimaging lab for Keck focusing on mental illness.

I am a huge soccer fan, and have played the sport my entire life. I love to travel, and have been involved in study abroad (at King’s College London), and I am involved in Greek Life as well. I also love movies, especially those from the Golden Age of Hollywood (40s-60s), which is why I am pursuing a film minor too.

Trimming the Fur

Fifth Year

Major in Neuroscience, Biology and Psychology

Volunteer 2

I am a female international student from Korea, and a fifth year majoring in neuroscience, biology and psychology. I’ve moved around a lot growing up, having lived in Austria, Korea, Taiwan, China, and now LA. My extracurricular activities include being in several community service organizations and a research lab. In my free time, I watch The Office, sing, play the guitar, and explore LA.



Major in BA and Psychology

Volunteer 3

I am an international female junior student from Hong Kong majoring in Business  Administration and Psychology. I'm quite extroverted and love helping people so I'm trying to find the balance between business and psychology. In my free time, I love baking, exploring LA (especially the restaurants), and hanging out with my friends. I love connecting with people so I'd be more than happy to hear your story.

Adorable Chick


Major in Cognitive Science

Volunteer 4

I am a junior student majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Substance Abuse Prevention. I am a white female born and raised in Southern California. My extracurriculars include being a USC Student Ambassador, doing psychology research with graduate students, and doing research at the Imaging Genetics Center on major psychiatric illnesses. Much of my free time is dedicated to spending time with friends and family. In regards to my hobbies, I enjoy researching new topics, doing yoga, and painting.  

Wild Flowers


Major in Engineering

Volunteer 5

I am a female senior student from the East Coast, majoring in engineering. I was raised culturally Jewish, and I’m currently working to reach out more to the Hillel community at USC. Other extracurriculars I’m involved in include club sports, engineering-related organizations, and multiple academic-oriented jobs on campus. In my free time, I love to get outside of the city and explore the nature around Los Angeles, and find new restaurants to eat at! I’d love to talk to you about anything, from college adjustment struggles to study tips to everything in between.

Sleeping Cat


Major in Psychology, Minor in Public Health

Volunteer 6

I am a female international student from China and a sophomore studying Psychology and minoring in Public Health. I’m interested in how humans act when influenced by external factor (e.g social, economical etc), which is why I am a research assistant at a social psychology lab. My hobbies include playing any type of sports, especially soccer. I also love to read, discover new restaurants and watch Netflix.

Antler in Nature


Major in Psychology (Pre-med)

Volunteer 7

I am a Chinese-American born in California but mostly raised in Maryland. I am a freshman studying psychology on a pre-med track, and I hope to one day become a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist. I am involved in the Trojan Barbell Club, as I love competing in powerlifting, and I’ve been going for 5 years. In my free time, I enjoy watching NBA basketball, listening to music (mostly rap and metalcore), watching TV (Friends, HIMYM, TBBT, and I’m just getting started on The Office), and playing video games. I’m also a huge MCU fan. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Nursery Room


Major in Psychology, Minor in Public Health

Volunteer 8

I am a female student born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I am a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in public health. I am involved in Greek life, on-campus research labs, and Psi Chi. In my free time, I like to hike, hang out with friends, and cook new things. I’d love to talk with you about any subject, from adjusting to life in college and finding friends to other everyday challenges!



Major in Human Biology

Volunteer 9

I am a junior studying human biology in hopes of becoming an oncologist. My exploration of healthcare has transformed my idea of medicine from something purely clinical to a largely humanistic practice as well. I lived in India for 5 years when I was younger; however am now living in the Bay Area. In my free time I am a yoga instructor, photographer and writer; these elements help me create my own perspective on the world that I can hopefully share with others.

Frisbee Thrower


Major in Psychology

Volunteer 10

I am a Jewish, male from the Washington, DC area. I’m a sophomore studying Psychology. I am in a fraternity, involved with Chabad, and the captain of the USC Club Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team. When I’m not in school, I spend too much time cooking, playing video games, hanging with friends playing music, playing frisbee, staying up to date with politics, and watching sports. I love traveling and eating, but also my down time! I’m happy to talk to you about anything going on!

Feeding Newborn Kitten


Major in Psychology

Volunteer 11

I am a male from Long Island, New York. I am Catholic, a transfer student and a junior studying Psychology. On campus, I am involved with Trojan Shelter and the Caruso Catholic Center. In my free time I hang with my friends, play guitar, work out, and watch sports. I particularly love talking about music, the NBA, and The Office, but you can talk to me about anything!

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


Major in Cognitive Science

Volunteer 12

I am a male student born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I previously lived in Vancouver, Canada for about five years before I went back to an international high school in Korea. I’m currently a freshman studying Cognitive Science. On campus, I am involved with greek life and undergraduate research. I love playing basketball and working out from time to time. Moreover, I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies, and try out new food. Being a student outside of the U.S. has been difficult due to the adjustment and the challenges I had to face, and I know what it’s like to find and fit the missing puzzle pieces. I am more than happy to listen and talk about your unique stories!

Old Globe


Major in Psychology, Minor in History and HR Management

Volunteer 13

I am a female sophomore student from the Northeast. After changing my major and minors, I am excited to now be majoring in Psychology, with minors in History and Human Resource Management. On campus, I am involved with a service organization and work in one of the research labs in the Gerontology Department. I am also Christian, and am pretty involved with my church just off campus. In my free time, I like to read, spend time with friends, explore LA, try new food, play tennis, and catch up on TV shows. I'd be happy to talk to you about anything!

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed


Major in Psychology

Volunteer 14

I am a female junior student majoring in Psychology, born and raised in Asia. I attended a Christian International school for 13 years before I moved for college in the states. On campus, I have been involved in numerous of Psychology research labs but am currently in Emotion &  Cognition Lab, research for Honors Program at Children’s Hospital LA, and Psi Chi. I love learning languages and know 4 different languages. Much of my free time is spent on playing with my bulldog and exploring LA’s food scene! Having dealt with the stigma of mental illness in Asian culture, I’d love to talk about dealing with mental illness or anything you’d like!

Holding Hands


Major in Psychology

Volunteer 15

I am a female student majoring in Psychology and although I was born in Virginia, I was raised in South Korea. On campus I devote most of my time as a research assistant in Social and developmental lab and as a chair of interactive design in KBSO(Korean Business Student Organization). I am always open to new thoughts and ideas and different worlds people come from. I love meeting new people and hearing about their life stories or about any thoughts they have. I also love talking about soccer, baseball, or football! I also can’t walk anywhere without music. Feel free to come talk to me about anything!

Computer with Graph


Major in Applied Math and Computer Science

Volunteer 16

I am a female international student from China and a sophomore majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. On campus, I am involved in the (SWE) Society of Woman Engineers and have involved actively in China Student Association. I love to travel and explore the city so most of my weekend is spent in all types of restaurants, including Chinese food, Korean food, Mexican food. I am also interested in various types of sports, like tennis and baseball. I also enjoy playing video games. I’d love to talk to you about anything and I can recommend the best Chinese restaurants to you!

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