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Because TrojanSupport values diversity, we try our best to build a strong team of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, representing as much of our student body as possible.  

Ranging from sophomores to seniors, our volunteers are pursuing majors including Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Cognitive Science, International Relations, Business, and more. We are a team of U.S. and international students respecting and embodying a diverse range of ethnicities, religions, and gender and sexual identities.

Our different walks of life means each volunteer has their own unique perspective and experience at USC and beyond. While our experiences may not exactly align with yours, we hope our diverse backgrounds can still add a deeper level of relatability. 

Our volunteers are trained peer-counselors certified by:




USC students start their own support network: TrojanSupport

Peer support group started by students for students lifts those who want a conversation with someone their own age.  When Armand Amini arrived on the USC campus to start his freshman year, the first friend he made was experiencing a mental health crisis.  The student ...


Students offer a new approach for mental health counseling on campus

TrojanSupport is a student-led peer-to-peer support system that is meant to be "a supplement to professional help…something that bridges the gap between students seeking professional help ...


Students from mental health support group

A USC student support group will launch in October to serve as a supplement to the Engemann Student Health Center’s counseling services. In August, the center announced it would implement changes to students' mental health needs by adding 10 new therapists, an effort to reduce the staff to ...

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